Appropriate treatment helps wounds to heal

Wounds can be caused by different things: physical injury, extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals. Tissue can be damaged or destroyed. The protective function of your skin can also be lost in places – and then germs can penetrate more easily and cause dangerous infections.

Is it a deep or a superficial wound? What are the edges of the wound like? Is the wound weeping or exuding pus? The way you treat a wound depends on all these factors. And how you treat it is the key to how successfully it will heal.

Advice like “a wound heals best in the open air” should be taken with caution. Every wound is different and must be treated according to its requirements.

  • Infected wounds

    Open wounds are at risk of infection

Seek medical advice

A case for the physician: puncture wounds – especially involving foreign objects – animal scratches and bites, large-scale burns and heavily bleeding wounds should be treated by a physician.