The right dressing for every occasion

Leukoplast® offers a specialized adhesive bandage for almost every requirement – they are based on clinical experience, developed by experts, and easy to use in everyday situations.

Our plaster finder makes it even easier to choose: tell us something about your personal requirements and we will tell you which plaster is perfect for you.

Leukoplast® aqua pro

Seal off small wounds during washing, bathing and swimming.

Leukoplast® leukomed®
absorbent plus

Cover minor to medium sized wounds with a low infection risk

Leukoplast® leukomed® T plus

Protect minor to medium sized wounds from water, bacteria and viruses.

Leukoplast® leukomed® Sorbact®
infection control

Remove bacteria from infected wounds.

Leukoplast® leukosan® strip
wound closure

Close minor wounds such as cuts and lacerations.

Leukoplast® strong

Cover small wounds. Strongly adherent for secure fit.

Leukoplast® soft white

Cover small wounds on sensitive skin.

Leukoplast® elastic

Protect small wounds, especially on parts of the body that you move a lot.

Leukoplast® barrier

Protect small wounds. Helps to prevent wound infection.

Leukoplast® kids

Protect your child's small wounds with colorful animal images.

Leukoplast® cuticell® classic
paraffin contact layer

Soothing dressing changes without trauma.

Leukoplast® cutisoft®
soft compress

Cover and cushion wounds, especially for pain-sensitive wounds.

Leukoplast® fixomull® stretch
dressing fixation

Secure wound dressings, gauzes and absorbent compresses.

Leukoplast® elastomull®
elastic bandage

Hold wound dressings in place.

Leukoplast® elastomull® haft
cohesive bandage

Hold wound dressings in place.