Wound care in best hands – Leukoplast® products are now available for self-care at home

With the new Leukoplast® product portfolio for consumers we can now offer you a broad range of professional products for wound care treatment at home.

For more than 100 years healthcare professionals have trusted Leukoplast®, one of the world’s most trusted wound care brands, for securing dressings, bandages and devices to the body. We have now transferred our extensive medical experience into smart wound care products and solutions for daily use. Our aim is to support and enable you to treat different kinds of wounds at home with professional products which have been originally developed for physicians  and nurses in hospitals and clinics.

The Leukoplast® product family is exclusively available at pharmacies and offers self-treatment for wounds such as cuts, abrasions, lacerations, burns, infected wounds or wounds that are at risk of infection. Select the right solution from your list of options:

Seek medical advice

A case for the physician: puncture wounds – especially involving foreign objects – animal scratches and bites, large-scale burns and heavily bleeding wounds should be treated by a physician.