To be precise, any wound which penetrates the layers of skin is defined as an open wound. But usually an open wound means a deeper injury such as a bite or puncture wound, as opposed to a graze or minor cut. 

Beware of infection

If there are still foreign objects in it, don’t just try to remove them yourself: you may damage even more tissue. The priority is to stop the bleeding; if in doubt, work around foreign objects as well as you can. Deeper wounds generally should be treated by a physician since there is the possibility of damaging deeper blood vessels or organs. Furthermore, open wounds are always susceptible to infection, especially bite wounds. A physician will if necessary renew your tetanus protection and prescribe a course of antibiotics.

Seek medical advice

A case for the physician: puncture wounds – especially involving foreign objects – animal scratches and bites, large-scale burns and heavily bleeding wounds should be treated by a physician.