Large wounds and wounds which are not healing properly are of course especially susceptible to germs. Diabetics, for example, are five times more likely to suffer wound infection than healthy people.

Characteristics of wound infection

Infection can be signified by

  • conspicuous redness
  • excessive heat
  • swelling
  • high sensitivity to pain

An infected wound is a case for the medical experts. They can tell whether antibiotics are needed and they can renew your tetanus protection if necessary. They will also remove dead tissue from the wound if it is preventing the healing process. Wounds with pus in them have to be cleaned, and drainage by means a duct through which pus can flow away may be required. There are also special wound dressings for infected wounds made of foam and hydrogel which help to moisten and ventilate the wound while absorbing excess secretions.  

Seek medical advice

A case for the physician: puncture wounds – especially involving foreign objects – animal scratches and bites, large-scale burns and heavily bleeding wounds should be treated by a physician.